Hello my loves!

Happy New year and all that jazz!

This post is going to be a little different, so bear with me, get comfy and if you get all the way to the end..hell give yourself a pat on the back!

I started this blog coming up two years ago as a way to just chat about the things I loved and to remember times in my life that I felt to be important. Most importantly it was for me.

I started off doing exactly this but ended up questioning if a post was the right image if it would get enough views and in the end, I’d delete it. I used to chat about my fave products, things I’d purchased that I loved or hated and even discussing my engagement & wedding. I got all my blogging inspiration from the people I loved reading, Hannah Gale, Em Sheldon, Victoria Magrath (Inthefrow) Women, who in my opinion were killing it. They were are honest, consistent, relatable and I found myself constantly getting lost in their archives. They were my definition of “Girl Boss”

Alongside the blog comes social Media, for me it’s just Instagram (and it’s algorithms) and Twitter. A place where I’ve met some lovely people but a place where people are far too interested in what other people are doing. Where it’s all too easy to get pulled into the numbers game, the need for more, the knowledge that no matter what content you produce, if you don’t have the adequate numbers that in a PR world you simply don’t exist.

The numbers game on both social channels is a HUGE conversation and not one that I care to dig into, but I think it’s important to remember this.

Victoria has over 199,000 followers, she’s a huge success and has doors opening for her and her career, but want to know something??


Yep, I know. Shock. But how has she become so huge…She replies to her followers, she’s nice to people, she remains true to what she wants to achieve. People like her because they strive to be like her, she’s stunning (I dare anyone to say different) her work ethic is incredible, she clearly works hard but she’s not lost sight of who and what gets her to these places.

Her Followers

This isn’t about Victoria and there are a huge amount of fantastic bloggers/vloggers/influencers out there, but when you scroll through your twitter how many times do you scroll through drama, or people digging others out for their successes. That’s not being a girl boss, that’s not empowering other women. That’s just plain rude.

I’m no saint, and I don’t pretend to be. Sure, I see people with big followings who actually I don’t rate or I think they’ve got places by being shady, buying followers etc. BUT…if that’s how you want to do it, then YOU.DO.YOU.

 Me? 2018 is going to be about writing the stuff I enjoy. It’s not worrying about my IG numbers and the killer algorithm, it’s about removing the negativity from my twitter timeline even if it makes me unpopular for unfollowing.

This is


4 thoughts on “You.Do.You

  1. Love this post, I think all bloggers are realising that the numbers game isn’t playable if you still want to be you. I hate that photos have to look a certain way, your content has to be thoroughly thought out to ensure it runs alongside a theme you never picked.
    Great Post Laura! Love the blog!

    (and that your a fellow east midlander!)

    1. Thanks so much, I feel people lose why they started and by doing that you become a sheep! Yay for East midlanders! Xxx

  2. Love this Laura! I’m just starting out blogging and am battling between what I want to write and what people would want to read! End of the day they are our blogs so they should make us happy first off!

    Ellie x

    1. Always write what you want to write, it will mean more and you’ll enjoy it!! Writing for other people takes away the fun!! Good luck with your blog! Xx

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