Working on that Specs Appeal!

See what I did there? Specs appeal? Sex appeal?? ahhhh, well it made me giggle…missed me haven’t you!

Alway back to business!! So I’m not going to lie, when I got an invite to go to the CrossEyes Nottingham opening, I wasn’t really sure what to expect! It’s an opticians – what can an opticians tell me that I don’t already know?!

I’ve worn glasses most of my teen and adult life, I’ve been to Boots, Specsavers, Vision Express. So what was going to be so different other than the cool name?!

WELL LET ME TELL YOU…IT OPENED MY EYES (oh the eye jokes are so easy!)

So CrossEyes. Its a Danish brand who pride themselves on being honest. Honest with their pricing, honest with what they offer and also by having really cool designs.

We’ve all been there, you have your eye test, you need glasses. There are 99999999 different frames to choose from varying from £50 (ish) to £400…then add your lenses, some anti glare (we all like some anti glare) and you’re debating if to put them on the credit card! Having bad eye sight is expensive, or it was!

CrossEyes have created a genius pricing structure which incidentally just went down..yes you did read that correctly…it went DOWN! So you get your eye test, any pair of frames, your lenses and any “enhancement” (anti gare etc) for one set price!

The store Is ran by Indy and his sister Manpreet and the passion they have for optometry and the brand is so refreshing to see!

Now the frames! oh wow. So Indy gave us free run to try them and find our faves…this was like telling children to eat as many sweets as they would like! The frames themselves are just so different, some look like they are made from wood, while others are super bright!


An awesome feature of the store is this little beauty! Who doesn’t love a zebra rug!!


I had two favourites, a “professional” pair and a social pair! Both completely different but equally awesome, however these have to be my faves – I didn’t put them down all night!



We know how important glasses are, not only for your vision but also for confidence! I can highly recommend CrossEyes and will be going myself for not only some new glasses but prescription sunnies too! Watch this space for my follow up post!!

Thank you Indy for a fantastic event and making us feel so incredibly welcome!


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