Timeless beauty with Joan Collins!

Morning loves!

I do not for a second pretend that I know how to do make up properly, I can’t contour, I can’t do winged liner and don’t even talk to me about creating a smokey eye…I’m clueless! What I do know though is that I love it! I’m forever purchasing new palettes and lippies, getting lured in everytime my favourite brands release a new product!

A brand that I stumbled across on twitter was Joan Collins! Now I know what you’re thinking; Joan Collins, She’s an actress! Yep she is, a bloody good one at that, *She’s also 84! fun fact!* but she’s now releasing a make up range which is on sale in Marks & Spencer  

I was lucky enough to be sent a few of her pieces to try out from the wonderful team at Alex Silver and thought I would share them with you!

One item I got sent was the First Base Foundation. Now I admit, I haven’t been able to wear this yet as I’m not long back off holiday and I’m still too tanned for the colour match *prays the tan never fades* But I have had a play with it and it’s so soft, It glides over your face..even writing that I’m chuckling – glides – sounds like a bloody swan! I find sometimes you end up using more and more foundation just to make it blend in properly and get a good coverage where as this, you need the smallest blob and it gives a good full coverage.



Next up! The summer kiss compact! Now I’ve got good bits and bad bits with this so bare with!

It’s again being stocked at Marks & Spencer, and is £16.00 – not bad for a compact, very much a high street price. The bronzer itself isn’t heavily pigmented, so you do need to build it up but it does have a real golden glow to it and not that typical sparkly orange that some bronzers can do!

Now for the slightly strange part. The compact comes with a slot for a lipstick – now thats a great plan all round – stops you chucking it in your handbag for it never to see the light of day again. BUT HERE’S THE THING. The compact doesn’t come with a lipstick, it just comes with an empty slot. That’s not cool, I think it should come with a lipstick and then if you want to change it up and pop a different one in, then that’s fine. Personally it comes across a bit greedy and not very thought through but maybe i’m missing something?!



Finally I got sent two lipsticks – I LOVE a good lipstick. Ive got hundreds..literally. I’m well known for popping out to do the food shop and coming back with a few new ones! For me they need to be heavily pigmented, and with the least amount of transfer. There are some great brands out there and some firm faves in my make up bag but I’ll always welcome a newbie!

These are strong contenders…they tick both boxes! The two I’ve been sent are Evelyn & Melanie they’re lovely autumn shades, great now the seasons are changing and those winter berries are coming back! My go-to winter lipstick has always been Rimmel 107. Girls, we’ve allllll got it! But I think ‘Melanie’ might become a permanent addition to my make up bag!




One thing I do find slightly odd is that they have actual names. As in human names. Imagine the convo…”ooo I love your lipstick” “Thanks, I’m wearing Melanie” Is it just me that finds that really bizarre? Anyway it’s not a biggie

Also, they’re £18.00. I will happily pay £24 for Charlotte Tilbury but I feel you’re paying for the quality and the brand. CT has cemented her name in the beauty industry so it’s slightly more acceptable?

Whilst on the CT topic. I am slightly shocked how JC has managed to get away with the packaging and also logo for her brand without being sued! To say it’s a copy cat is an understatement! I’ve popped a comparison pic below for you to make your own decision!




As a brand, I like it. It’s high street, easily accessible and has a really classy look to it. I’m looking forward to trying more of the range and will be keeping an eye out over christmas for any special christmas releases!

Have you tried Joan Collins yet?



1 thought on “Timeless beauty with Joan Collins!

  1. For me the name Joan Collins just screams class and elegance and I’m definitely getting that vibe from her makeup, but wow that packaging compared to CT!
    Those lipsticks are two shades that are right up my street, but like you say I don’t know if I’d feel more comfortable buying a CT lipstick or a brand that have made their name? Maybe I’ll have to try them out for myself and see.
    Beka. xo

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