The Gym!

The gym.

Personally it’s one of the most intimidating places i ever step foot in! Picture the scene…young (yes, okay, 25 but still this side of 30!) blonde, gym newbie (sparkly trainers are the give away) walks into gym to come face to face with 2 floors of machines, weights and massive men. I mean HUGE.



I’m one of these people that has an on off relationship with the gym…sometimes we love each other, sometimes we hate. I’d like to think i have a relatively okay lever of fitness, I managed to complete a half marathon last year, all be it i think Kelly dragged me along to last few miles but still, it was completed.

But going back to the gym…its freaking scary. Probably not helped by my lack of personal confidence in public places…yes i’m that friend that will ring you to come outside so we can walk in together! But there is something really unnerving about standing there holding my little weights while some beefcake is opposite me grunting away with his 50000000kg…don’t pretend you don’t know who i mean!

IMG_1643   IMG_1642   IMG_1644
Serious bit now…Fears and beefcake’s aside.. it’s all about lifestyle,Whatever your age, there’s actually true strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even potentially a happier life.
People who do regular exercise have a lower risk of developing things such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers, so surely its worth it?!
It helps you sleep better, which gives you more energy, which makes you achieve more, which makes you happier….you get the gist!!
Lecture over…my main 2016 goal is to better myself, a better balance between work and home, looking after my body…food and fitness!
Will you still be gymming by february?


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