A few weeks back now I attended my very first blogger meet up! Created especially for us East midlanders!!

It was hosted in Leicester at Manhattan 34 Bar – Leicester isn’t an area I know well, but the bar was gorgeous.  Really close by to the train station so nice and easy for commuting!

DSC00116 DSC00094

Once you had signed in, you were given a fact about another blogger and then had to go and find the blogger it belonged to! It’s a really nice way to get people chatting to each other, but personally I was glad I had gone with my friend Rebecca who is also a fantastic blogger (check her out here! ) as I found it really daunting!


There were a selection of Local brands there which was nice to see, the gorgeous girls from Danique Hairdressing were there and did a great job curling both mine and Becca’s hair and left me feeling like a princess!

DSC00111   IMG_6146

Angel Eyes were also there who specialise in lash extensions. Personally this was something I was super excited for as I have always been tempted by, but wasn’t sure if I would love them enough to pay like £60 and I was always worried about them going wrong – lets be honest, nobody wants their eyes glued together!

Pic courtesy of Becca! 

After chatting to the ladies for a little while its clear that they have a really strong emphasis on training, they have their own truing school and they offer top up training to all their staff at any time, so you know you’re in safe hands!



I had mine done and I’m officially hooked. I used to use strip lashes every so often but never really got on with them! They always felt heavy and don’t get see started on getting the glue tacky! Girls – if you’re a lash extension virgin…it’s time to take the plunge!

There was also a company called Bru who has the most amazing cakes…you can check them out here

DSC00098 DSC00099  DSC00101

When we left, we were given some amazing goodies which I am thoroughly enjoying!


Thank you for such a lovely day…I can’t wait for the next one!

Laura x

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  1. I’m in the East Midlands too! Derby. I would love to be a part of something like this in the future, I’m so glad I have found some local bloggers 😊 x

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