Skinny Tan – 7 Day Tanner!

Hello my loves!

It’s a well-known fact that I love to be tanned, I hate the winter and the pale skin it brings. Some people can rock the pale skin/dark lip look, I can’t.

I’m always trying new brands or new concepts and this is no exception.

Skinny Tan is one of my all-time favourites, I first used their Tan & Tone oil when they were fresh off Dragon’s Den.  I LOVE this product, it’s quite greasy so I normally apply it before bed then wash off in the morning but I’ve never once had a streak or missed a patch and it fades evenly *hallelujah *

When the lovely team got in touch to say they would like to send me out a tube of their new 7-Day Tanner, Dark. I had high expectations!

Oh, how disappointed was I!!

So first up, this tan is “dark”. I already had a little bit of a tan left from holiday but it was rapidly disappearing so I needed a top up! The lotion itself does come out dark, but as soon as you begin to rub it in, it disappears! Leaving you with no idea where you’ve applied.

Also rubbing in. WOW. IT JUST DOESN’T APPLY! I can’t work out if it’s just too thick so it won’t absorb or what, but it just wouldn’t blend, it almost drags over your skin! I went to bed VERY concerned what I was going to look like in the morning and even set my alarm an hour earlier ready to use a fake tan eraser!!


After showering off the top dirty coat, it was actually quite even although not at all what I would call dark, I’d go for more light-medium colour.

Will I be using it again? Absolutely not. It’s at the back of my cupboard and will collect dust until I have a big clearout. Girls I wouldn’t recommend it, it breaks my heart as I’m such a Skinny Tan lover, but this time they really missed the mark!

Have you had any fake tan fails?




**disclaimer – main image taken from LookFantastic website  due to my camera having what seems to be a nervous breakdown!**

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