Plump it up!

Hello my lovelies!

The latest craze, and I use that word loosely, seems to be bigger lips. My social media is full of people having lip fillers and it seems that bigger really is better in this case!

As tempted as I am to boost my top lip, i’ve also seen when it can go wrong and it worries me how many people are suddenly “trained in fillers”

The lovely girls at Sparkle PR popped a fabulous package over from Know Cosmetics to help my top lip keep up!

 If you’ve ever used Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pukka, then the concept is the same! You pop it on like a lip gloss and leave your lips to tingle away whilst plumping!

I don’t think it really made a massive difference and certainly not enough to stop me considering popping a ml of filler in my lip, however they definitely did plump up as I got a ton of compliments, so maybe I was expecting too much!!

I’d say it’s perfect for a night out or maybe date night!

One thing I HAVE to say though, it’s not sticky! Lip glosses normally really bug me because they go tacky and I spend more time pulling my hair off it!

If you fancy adding one to your make up essentials, then you can get it here!

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2 thoughts on “Plump it up!

  1. Thanks for sharing your honest opinions on this product, Laura! The big lips trend is indeed incredibly popular right now but I’m just not into it, I’m used to the lips I have and don’t really want to change them! Glad to hear that this product wasn’t overly sticky, that’s my pet peeve with glosses too!

    Abbey 💓

  2. Thanks for the honest review. I’ve told myself if I reach my target weight then I’ll treat myself to lip fillers. I’m currently using Glam Glow’s Plumpragrous.

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