Our Trip To Edinburgh

Hello lovelies!

Every year Kelly and I try and tick off a few new places to explore, but 2017 was slightly lacking!

Mainly due to spending every penny we own on our wedding day (obvs worth it but still) and then buying our dream home! Mini breaks around the world, hell, mini breaks in the UK got sidelined!

So before we said goodbye to 2017 we did one quick trip, we headed to Edinburgh! It’s somewhere we’ve both always wanted to go to but always pushed it to the side in favour of more foreign travel!

So after a 4 am alarm, we were off! We decided to drive so we could pop to Glasgow on the way back and just have the ease of a car to visit different places.

I’ve always worked in Hotels so I’m openly a snob when it comes to where we stay, but if we are going on a sightseeing break we always just book cheap and cheerful (premier inn, travelodge) as long as its warm, got a bed and a shower then jobs a goodun!

We headed off to the castle on our first day, I have a serious love of castles, old churches and badass architecture in general. Kelly not so much, if I’m honest I think she hates it, but 5 years later she’s learning to just go with it!

We’d heard that if you head to the castle for 1pm, they fire the cannon. Sorry whatttttt!!!!!!! You can bet your ass we stood in the freezing cold from 12pm to make sure we had a front row view!!! I would upload the video, but I jumped out my skin and the expletives aren’t pretty! haha!


Not sure if she was bored of the castle or just waiting for me to finish taking pictures through the prison peep holes!


After a good few hours at the castle, we went on the search of food (Anyone who’s dating/dated or married an athlete know’s that their day revolves around being fed!), something we could eat on the move whilst having a good old explore. I’d watched a handful of vlogs before coming so I knew where I wanted to try…Oink! It’s basically hog roast! You can have it in a cob or in a box ( perfect for us Gluten-Free hunnies! ) I don’t have a decent picture of it because I got over excited and started eating before I remembered to photograph it but here’s a little mid much phone shot!

*We ended up eating here 3 really is that good!*



What I love about new places, is the old cobbled streets, the little details that in your own hometown you’d walk past.



Edinburgh you’re beautiful, old and full of incredible architecture. I can’t rave about it enough and I recommend that everyone gives it a visit!


Have you been before? What are your best bits?


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  1. I absolutely love Edinburgh, although I haven’t been for a few years. We used to go for the Fringe Festival. Seeing your post has really made me want to go back! Beautiful photos.

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