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So you may or may not be aware for my love of London. I spent 2 years living there and it was amazing, I loved every second of being in the city.


At every given opportunity I go back and even proposed there (you can read about that here!) So when Kelly bought me tickets to go and see the Royal Ballet in London I was over the moon!

The ballet has always been one thing I would LOVE to see, i’m not a dancer but I find it so beautiful, so graceful and elegant. When I got tickets last summer to see Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall, I truly couldn’t of been happier!

SO a year later, we got our weekend away! I managed to VLOG almost the entire weekend – it’s currently being edited to watch this space and you can find me here…don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss out!! Well and because i have no friends so any subscribers would be very appreciated

Anyway..Friday mainly consisted of shopping! Oh an a quick pit stop at the walk in centre for 2 hours as I wasn’t well and in desperate need of antibiotics!

IMG_4248   IMG_4265   IMG_4288

Then it was on to the ballet!

IMG_4299   IMG_4300   IMG_4302

IMG_4316   IMG_4322

IMG_4326   IMG_4328


Honestly if you haven’t been, you HAVE to go. It was breathtaking. The music, the dancing. The dedication these dancers have is second to none, they’re simply fabulous.

Saturday – we went to watch Les Miserables – WOW, what a show! I’m a huge lover of west end shows and this was not a disappointment! I think probably 95% of the theatre were in tears by the end (Kelly included) It’s very moving and I would honestly go and see it again any time!!

We then walked over to SouthBank to get some dinner and stumbled across a waffle bar..O.M.G it was like sex in a tray!

IMG_4378    IMG_4387

IMG_4390   IMG_4408

IMG_4411   IMG_4442


Sunday – Food, food and food in the sunshine!!! Not forgetting a quick trip to Zara to lust after a new bag!!

 IMG_4489   IMG_4495

IMG_4499   IMG_4545

IMG_4514   IMG_4517

London is and will forever be my favourite place..its my home from home every single time!!

Where is your go to place??


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  1. just came across your blog and I’m loving it!! London is one of my favourite places to visit and there’s always soo much to do! You’re so lucky to have lived there! xx

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