Life’s better with a tan!

Hello my loves, maybe grab a drink and a snack for this one…girl got a lot to say!

So let’s not beat around the bush, I’m a tan junkie. Whether it’s lay on the beach, out of a bottle or even a quick trip to the sun bed shop, I love my skin to be beautifully bronzed with the least amount of white bits possible!

My theory when it comes to tanning is that the darker the better! I recently came across a new brand that I hadn’t seen before – White to Brown. They very kindly popped a few products in the post for me to try and I was so excited to see how they compared!!



As I’ve got older I’ve become very aware of the risks of the sun and especially sun beds, and the damage they can do. Not only can they cause premature ageing for your skin, but it significantly increases your risks of contracting skin cancer. According to Cancer Research, in 2014 skin cancer made up over 4% of all cancer cases…now although that percentage seems low, it actually means that in 2014 over 15,000 people in the UK alone contracted skin cancer.

Cancer is a bastard. There’s no other word for it. It’s affected my family and my close friends and I will ever get over that, and until we discover a cure for this awful disease we need to protect ourselves from it. I guess it’s like wearing a seatbelt in the car…You wouldn’t drive without one. Simple really * imagine a little sassy shoulder shrug*

Anyway, I digress..

¬†It’s back to the bottle and loyal I shall stay! I’d really love to get a skin test done, you know, those one’s that say your skins age vs your actual age? Hook me up if anyone knows where I can get one!

Previously some tan’s I’ve used have been really drying on my skin and it’s made it feel really scaly almost straight away, which I hate. Tan is notorious for being drying but there really is no need for it ( says the scientist! )

So! I gave White to Brown a go! First up I used their Skin Polish. It’s the perfect way to get your skin all buffed up ready to tan. It’s important to make sure you get rid of all the dead skin (VOM) before popping tan on as it will make it last heaps longer! This is lovely as it contains almond shell beads which smell AMAZEBALLS, plus it’s moisturising without being all greasy.



Then it was tan time! Firstly and most importantly I think…It’s a loooooovely rich brown when applying which is great for making sure you don’t end up with any dodgey white patches! It also goes on SO smoothly! It’s like applying body butter, so nice! ¬†Coverage wise, I can’t fault it. It’s beautifully even, no streaks and I look like I’ve been on holiday for a month! *win*

I’m quite anal about how much I moisturise once I’ve tanned so I do make sure I slap some on every day, but it took well over a week before it started going all snake skin like and needed a fresh coat…that’s pretty good in my book and it did it evenly so no give away patches!



All in all, I’m really impressed with it, it’s definitely a winner in how dark it is, but also how nice it is on my skin and how nourishing it feels. I will absolutely be purchasing some more once I’ve got through this! You can buy it here. To me it’s high street pricing for a caribbean glow!


What’s your tanning go to? Any faves I should be trying??




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