Hot Pod Yoga!


Now for anyone who know’s me, I live my life at 100 mph at all times, I’m not good at relaxing, I struggle to stay in a bath longer than 15mins without getting fidgety!

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would…I went to Yoga! Not just any kind of yoga, but HOT yoga!!

In a nutshell, It’s a big inflatable dome filled with heaters that keep the temperature at 37 degrees during the whole session.


I’m used to gym work out’s, and pretty intense one’s at that but I have NEVER. EVER sweat so much in my life!

Hot pod Yoga is a fairly new concept but they are slowly but surely popping up all over the country and we are lucky enough to have one in Nottingham. They have different membership options, or you can just pay as you go!

The class flows naturally with no real breaks meaning you can take it at your own pace so for a novice like me, I can rest when needed!!

It tests your balance, flexibility and inner mindfulness!

We were also super lucky, the guys from Raw Juicery sent down some of their amazing juices for when we finished! I’ve never come across them before, but they are based in Nottingham City Centre and I will most definitely be heading over to try more! They don’t currently have a website, but you can find them on instragram here or twitter here!

Personally I don’t think I will be heading back to Yoga, It’s not quite my cup of tea, I think I need something more fast paced. However the class was brilliant, the studio is fab – It even has showers and hairdryers (You REALLY need the showers by the end!!)

I would highly recommend you give it a try and see what you think!!

Have you tried Hot Pod Yoga before?!

For now..Laters!





2 thoughts on “Hot Pod Yoga!

  1. I’ve been hearing loads about Hot Yoga and I’m really intrigued! I like the idea that you can take the class at your own pace and take time to rest if you need to! I’m sure that I’d be a sweaty mess afterwards haha! Would love to hear if you try out any other classes as the hot yoga wasn’t something you’d head back to! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💕

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