Hot Lips!

So this is me. My names Laura Snow and I’m a lipstick addict.

I’ve been told it a million times that I’m addicted to buying lipstick but refused to believe it until one day someone put all my lipsticks on my bed and made me actually look at my growing collection! **Let’s be honest…I was secretly quite proud!**

When it comes to the higher end market, there are two clear winners in the lip game. Mac and Charlotte Tilbury.

We all recognise the gold casing…the elegance that is…Charlotte Tilbury.

There was one shade I was desperate to get on my lips…KIM.K.W. aka goddess, aka my ultimate woman. I have a huge crush on the Kardashians, note plural…yes all of them. I know they are pretty marmite for some, but I love them.

Kim.K.W is exactly the shade you would expect – nude.

What I love about Charlotte Tilbury is that they include a special blend of waxes which means that they are a dream come true to use and glides over your lips.

But the best part….THEY DON’T BLEED!!!!!

I’ve had my fair share of bleeders…its the most frustrating thing. Your make up is on point, check it an hour later and you’re lippie is bleeding out of your lip line.

Not. Cool.

Lipstick will forever be my love and while Charlotte is making nudes…I’ll be buying them!!!

Do you have any faves?? Anything I should be purchasing?!


7 thoughts on “Hot Lips!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try some Charlotte Tilbury products but I’ve never been sure whether they’re worth the price tag! CT products are cruelty free as well, so they rank way higher in my estimations than those from MAC! Your nude shade is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s fab to hear that they don’t bleed either, I always have that trouble with red lipsticks! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 😘

  2. I absolutely love this colour, I am a bit of an addict too but the thing saving me is that I’m a poor student. Otherwise, I’d probably have hundreds!

    Lauren x Huggled

  3. That is a beautiful nude that you swatched out! I love lipsticks but often can’t wear them simply due to the fact that they don’t seem to make it through my day hahaha – so I am always interested in learning about brands I may not have tried that might hold out! I’ll have to look into Charlotte Tilbury a little closer (although it is a little higher priced than I usually spend for day to day products). Thanks!

    Britt |

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