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Hello my lovelies!

Been a while hasn’t it! I figured it’s about time we had a little beauty chat!

As a life long lover of acrylic nail extensions, I’m all too aware of how much damage they actually do.
Now don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely, I can have any shape, length, colour and design I fancy but the harshness of the electric files leaves my natural nails less than desirable!!

It look a huge amount of adulting to convince me to take them off and go naked but I’m so glad I did!

Underneath lurked very soft, flakey and weak nails. No amount of strengthener polish was going to save them so they needed to be cut down and start fresh with a whollleeeeeee lotta TLC!!

The gorgeous team at Alex Silver PR sent me a fabulous gift…the Kiss, Home Salon Manicure Kit.


The kit has everything you could ever need! Wait for it…Nail Scissors, Nail Brush, Nail Clippers, Cuticle Nipper, 4 Way Buffer, x3 Emery Boards, Cuticle Pusher, Double Sided Nail File, Double Sided Sapphire Nail File, x3 Manicure Sticks AND a travel pouch!

Told you it had everything!!!!!

This kit is fab, it’s all really good quality and the fact it comes in it’s own travel pouch means its super easy to chuck in your travel bag to take away with you or even your handbag..depending on the bag!!

Kiss are such a well known and trusted brand and they’ve produced yet another great product.

My only negative if I was being picky is the travel pouch – it just looks a tad cheap and bland BUT given that you can buy it here for under $10, I can’t really complain too much!!

What are your home mani go to’s? Let me know!!


2 thoughts on “Home Nails : Kiss Manicure Kit

  1. I love that this little kit has everything you need for on the go. You can always guarantee your nail will break at the least convenient time, so it’s great to have everything you need to deal with it.

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