Give me Nudes!

Autumn is fully here….in fact you could basically call it winter. I’ve de-iced my car twice now so yeah, lets scrap Autumn…its Winter!

Winter beauty to me is rich reds and plums and my lipstick is no different.  Girls lets be honest, we all own Rimme  – 107!

The only thing I battle with is the bleed. I’m all for a liner and a good bit of blotting but I just don’t have patience for the transfer and bleed! It gets everywhere and do not even get me started on rubbing my lips….I swear I don’t do it all summer, only ever if I’ve got rich colours on!

So this year I’m sticking Nude! Every girl has her fave and I’m a loyal Velvet Teddy lover…give me a spice liner and I’m happier than a pig in shit.

However! On a recent trip to Boots I spotted that Soap ad Glory have a matte nudes section. I’m aware I could be super late to the party here but I’m massively impressed.

I’m a bit of a Soap and Glory fan as a whole as I swear by their ‘Love at first blush’ in the summer and I’ve also moved over to their ‘Kick Ass – All is calm’ green cover up and ‘Archery – 2in1 brow pen’ I think the range generally is really good and although slightly more expensive than some other high street brands, it’s also ALWAYS on 3 for 2. What more reason do you actually need??

So after re stocking what I needed I had space for my “free” item! when is there a better time to try a new lippie when you’re technically not paying for it?!

I opted for the ‘Cinnamon Beige’. Its much warmer than what I normally go for and far warmer than velvet teddy but I felt that for winter it would work really well and the brown undertones would lend themselves nicely to this time of year!


Design wise…mmmmm rose gold packaging. Everything I love in one tube! Its more of a metal casing instead of the plastic from MAC which is actually quite snazzy in my hand bag!


I’m completely converted and this is my go to day lipstick but also works fabulously at night if you use some MAC spice liner as it makes it pop out more.

I’m not ready to leave MAC or velvet Teddy behind but I am VERY impressed and I’m definitely going back to see which others I fancy!

Let me know your faves!


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