Girl Time

I’m not one of those people that’s surrounded by friends, that has girls nights, girls holidays etc. I never have been. I have a few really close friends who I simply adore but otherwise I’m happy with my own company and obviously Kelly’s too.

Recently i’ve let it get me down, I’ve made comparisons to people I follow on twitter and instagram ( when i eventually see people’s pics! booooooo instagram!) – jetting off on holiday with friends and just having Girl Time.

SO I did it. I’ve invested into girl time. Now let me just explain why this is also a big deal…in a straight relationship you would have girls nights, nights where the bf’s go out, etc. In gay relationships we are all women! yes i know, bloody obvious that bit! But meaning that girl time normally involves everyone and you can’t really just have a good old natter with your bestie!

About 2 weeks ago I toddled off to the Intu Shopping Centres Awards night with my best friend Lucy and we had a ball! It was a lovely excuse to get dressed up, drink a little too much and dance the night away!


Since then, I’ve left my job! Unfortunately Kelly was away which called for a night of pizza, sweets, brow tinting and general giggles!


I don’t do girl time on a regular basis, and I don’t have a ton of group whatsap messages going on, but I do have some good solid friendships that will last me my entire lifetime.

What are your friendships like? Are you surrounded or just a select few??

I might not have a ton of friends but I wouldn’t swap mine for the world <3

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1 thought on “Girl Time

  1. This post really spoke to me! I only have a couple of really close female friends – and I think I really need to do what you have done and invest in girl time! I genuinely think that fewer, closer friends is better than having tons of people who you don’t know that well or don’t care for you as much! ❤️ You and your friend Lucy look stunning at your ball, looks like you had a fabulous time! 🙌🏼 Thank you for sharing this, it’s really great to see a real, honest post to counteract the occasional fakeness of general social media!

    Abbey ✨

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