The lovely people at Trion Z sent my partner one of their fabulous Trion:Z Duo Loop bracelets and sent me one too to have a nosey at…so I thought I would do a bit of a review on the product so far and let you lovely lot know all about what they offer!


So first things first…Its made of silicon…meaning basically super comfy, easy to wear AND its waterproof, snow proof & sunproof! HAPPY.DAYS.



Design wise its actually pretty cool and they do a ton of different colours too depending on your mood and taste! I went for grey and black combo as I just find it easy to wear and I can wear it with my work suits too! (Below multiple colour picture courtesy of Trion:Z) The large block on top has the magnets, along with a small piece underneath.



 So the technical bit! Trion:Z are producers of magnetic therapy products, which work naturally with your body to realign your magnetic and ionic balance. Its good for your circulation & helps with aches and pains.


I struggle with poor circulation in my legs and have huge pains in my knee’s and hips, so I’m keen to give it a try. I generally don’t really try these products as I don’t see how they can work but I’m going to stick at it for a few months and see how It works!


IMG_5596    IMG_7491


If you fancy trying one, you can find them here we also have a cheeky 10% discount code you can use which is SIBLEY10

Have any of you tried them before? What’s your thoughts?!


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