So my exercise journey is a tough one. I want to get fit and I want to tone up….but I don’t want to go to the gym!! Once I get there I love it…It’s just getting there!!

Having my own personal athlete living at home Is helpful, and she will drag me out to the gym when I need it!!

I’ve got my plan from Lucy and I’m doing my best to stick to it where I can, but I’ve also added in a few extras of things I enjoy!

I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which twists my knees which in part affects my hips and makes them incredibly stiff and sore. It doesn’t mean I can’t work out but it does mean I have to alter somethings to make it slightly easier for me to do!

I have always struggled to squat…my knees twist and it puts a lot of pressure into my hip which HURTS! So with Kelly’s help I now use the TRX! With this I can squat, lunge and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things she gets me doing!


I have always had weak arms – they’re so little and scrawny! They are the part of my body I hate the most and really struggle to change! I’ve been trying to be sensible, start with small weights and build the initial strength to then grow from there – god I sound like I know what I’m on about!!! ( honestly I was very worried about my nails catching…apparently if I hold the weights properly it doesn’t affect them!)


I guess the biggest thing for me is i’m still going. I’m trying, I’m improving. Health and fitness is a journey, a bloody tough one at times but for everytime you work out, you’re further forward than you were before!!

Lets keep encouraging each other, keep pushing our friends to do better – one more, a few more seconds…it all makes a difference and your one positive comment could give them the strength to get a new PB that day!

Don’t forget to check my wonderful friend Amy and her next post next friday…tag your posts with #fitbloggerssquad and we will do our best to get everyone retweeted!!!


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  1. It is so true that Health & Fitness is a journey and not something that happens overnight – it takes a lot of hard work, motivation and sometimes the will power to say no when your heart is saying yes please to that mid-afternoon treat.

    Emma |

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