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My last post featured my thoughts on the “perfect body”. Following the fantastic feedback * yeah cheers for that by the way…talk about making me feel loved! :)*

I came across @lucylocket_love *check her out on twits, she’s a babe!* a Personal Trainer based in Sheffield who also specialises in Nutrition and motivation!

She has created an 8 week fitness and nutrition program designed for weightless and fitness, so I thought I’d give it a butchers!


The program gives you 8 weeks of nutrition advice and meal ideas, and 8 weeks of exercises, all the exercises can be done at home and alter over the weeks as your fitness builds ( hopefully! ) Inside is also a really thorough “how to” section which has come in rather handy I must admit!! All the exercises are do able…they are suitable for those with non to very little fitness but can also challenge those with a good level of fitness!



Now nutrition. I always get annoyed at diet books as they are normally full of recipes that either take FOREVER to make or are full of ingredients that lets be honest nobody ever has in and you need to find a specialist healthy food shop in order to get them. I need normal food, that I can from Tesco on my way home from work…oh and won’t break my bank!

So just incase you weren’t convinced…here’s one of the dinner options – shepherds pie. SERIOUSLY… SHEPHERDS PIE!!!!! it doesn’t get any more english and normal than the old faithful shepherds pie!!!

Oh and did I mention you can still have a full english!! Although alcohol is banned…everyone still loves a good full english!

For a few of the slightly more technical dishes (make your own burgers) they have even included really easy recipes!!


I will keep updating as I go, probably one mid way through and then an after photo to mark the 8 weeks. But initial thoughts – I think i’m going to love it!


If you were interested in joining me on the journey, you can contact Lucy on twitter – @lucylocket_love or via her website


Together lets get Fit, Strong and empower each other on our journey!! Don’t forget to check out Amy’s next FITBLOGGERSSQUAD post next Friday! Leave her a little comment…tell her I sent you!



3 thoughts on “Fitbloggerssquad | Lucy Locket Loves

  1. This sounds brilliant – it is so important to have a good mix of exercise & nutrition as you try to become fitter/ faster/ stronger – too little either way and you will essentially just stay still. Great post.

    Emma |

  2. Hey Laura. Great post. I’m excited to see how you get on with this. I’ve tried the other sort of diets/healthy eating things and failed miserably. As this is 8 weeks it seems much more manageable and realistic to stick to. Will be keeping an eye on future posts x

  3. These guides are a great idea, I’m doing one that is similar, you might of heard of it “Kayla Itines”. It’s good because if like me you don’t know what to do sometimes for circuits etc, it tells you everything making it easier to stick to a plan because you have no excuse. For me the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle is the food so its great that you have a food guide to work from to keep you on track and give you options so you don’t get bored with you food.

    Good luck on your fitness journey, I can’t wait to read the updates 🙂
    Kim xx

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