This week Thursday was my weekend and whats a girl going to do when she’s off work *apart from do a food shop, clean the house, and do 5 loads of washing*  shop!

After a successful trip to town, purchasing the most expensive watch battery of my entire 26 year life *£24.99!!! yes I hear your gasps!* I popped in to TKmaxx on my way home, mainly on the hunt for some notecards for my #beechat snail mail! WHY OH WHY OH WHY have I not known until now that they do such gorgeous stationary!!!!! I, like I’m sure many *most* other bloggers  love all things stationary and can’t help myself with gorgeous notebooks, diaries and post it notes…and do not even get me started on pens!!

I was spoilt for choice if i’m honest and given that we are supposed to be saving for a wedding I did have to restrain myself!

So…I hear you all saying it…’Laura –!’ WELL, I will show you!!

*I’m so fannncyyyy, you already know, I’m in the fast lane….from LA to Tokyo* la la la! How blooming cool is this note book!!! Its pink, its soft leather and its floral!!! eeeee!! oh AND it’s lined!! It’s from designer Eccolo and the Bargain price of £4.99!


Next up was technically for the wedding so that made it okay!! Crisp white soft leather, beautiful gold writing and soft wavy edging! It’s by the stunning Adrienne Vittadini and wait for it….£5.99!!!!!


Now for the grand finale…this has got to be every bloggers dream! Its the perfect back drop, prop and flatlay for all bloggers and quite frankly just a bloody cute bit of art for my wall!



Shiny black clipboard, big gold clip, and 12 fabulous quotes to live your life by! It was only a £5.99 and probably the best bargain of my life *slight exaggeration but you get the gist!*

Are you a stationary whore?! What’s your go to?? send me your faves!!


5 thoughts on “All Things STATIONARY!

  1. I love the bargains you can find in TK Maxx, especially their stationary! I bought a couple of note pads around a month ago and I’m in love with them. Love your picks!

    Ella x

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