A trip to Wayne Manor

So for any non batman fans such as myself, Wollaton Hall in Nottingham is where the filming took place for the batman movie.

We are trying to visit new places in and around where we live and as soon as Kelly found out it is where Batman was filmed, it was a must see!

I remember going when was a child, but if i’m honest i just remember walking around the lake, feeding the ducks….and eating most of the bread!

Wether you are into old building’s and the architecture they bring, you can’t deny how impressive this building is…it’s just so grand!


Also, can we please just take a moment to appreciate how far you have to walk to actually reach the house…this picture does not do it justice!!!

Whilst having a little walk around the grounds, we stumbled across a Table Tennis table. Now you may or may not know but my better half is currently England’s Number 1 table tennis player so she was more than happy to jump on the table and have a little knock with me!

Goes without saying that i won…her face says it all! Nah i joke, although i did get one cheeky little point which resulted in huge celebrations on my part! This picture just makes me smile as I could definitely claim victory!!

This is Kelly writing this little line (as i have stolen Laura’s laptop) I can confirm that I definitely did win and that she lost 🙂 anyway back to Laura……

So on our way back towards the car we came across these incredible animals…Just chilling in the grounds. Although not tame they are clearly used to the public being around all the time as they didn’t even blink the closer i got.

IMG_4632  IMG_9019


If you ever get opportunity to visit Wollaton Hall, I highly recommend it, the link to their website can be found here

Where’s your favourite haunts? Anywhere to recommend a visit to??

There’s always time for a selfie! xx


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