A night with Swatch UK!

Hello lovelies!

I’ve always been a watch wearer, I’m the girl that feels naked without one. I had a DKNY silver chunky watch for years that I never took off, then one day the battery went and if i’m honest I was too lazy to go and get it sorted! Days lead to weeks and boom I was a non watch wearer!

I’ve been looking for a newbie for quite some time, I’ve eyed up the Daniel Wellington’s and Olivia Burton’s and as much as I loved them, non of them ever called out to me. I don’t really like stuff that just follows trend.

Last week I got invited to go to an event with Swatch #yourmove. My knowledge of Swatch was slim but my opinion was that they did kids watches, very plastic looking and nothing that’s ever appealed to me. On the invite it mentioned that they were launching a brand new range so in the air of trying new things, I went along for a nosey!

First impressions? Lovely bright store, nice and clean and airy which is alway a winner in my book!

The new range is called Swatch Skin – They are only 3.90mm high making them the worlds thinnest plastic watch!

The new collection is lovely, much more on trend and current than I expected. They create a really classy look to any outfit.

Something that really impressed me with Swatch is that they offer a free battery for life scheme – I think this is great, it’s fab for the customer but from the brand it keeps you in, you’re more likely to continue wearing your watch if it’s not going to cost you anything to pop  a new battery in when the time comes!

We were super luck to be gifted a watch from the new collection, I chose the Skinmesh as I felt it would go well with my work suits too! With a deep grey face, white features and gold-colorer hands it goes with everything! The watch retails at £79.50, which is slightly more expensive but will last you a lifetime and really does have that timeless look about it!

I’d really recommend taking a look at Swatch next time you’re in the market for a new watch! I’ve already recommended them to loads of my friends and will be buying a few presents for people too I think!

Have you ever looked at Swatch? Are you already a Swatch lover? I’d love to hear!!


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