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So out of all my posts my first ever fashion post was SIGNIFICANTLY the most popular…so guess what…I’ve only gone and done another! Spoilt you lot are…S.P.O.I.L.T!!!

What is it about sunshine that just makes everywhere look beautiful and everyone feel healthy!

I’m the first one to admit that given the chance i would emigrate to a new part of the world and set up home, however with my other half being a HUGE home bird this will never happen, unless like I go off her or something but I’m marrying her next year so doubt it! This country has its beauty, there are parts I love and feel blessed to have within a few hours drive but really its the fickle weather i hate!


Anywayyyyy I digress! My OOTD!!!!


We went on a  little trip to Rufford Abbey Country Park which i used to go to all the time as a kid and i knew it would have some fabulous picture backdrops so took along the trusty camera!  ** little round of applause to the significant other for the piccie skills…thanks bae!!**

DSC_0259     DSC_0262

So without further a do….here I am!



DSC_0266  DSC_0271

DSC_0273     DSC_0274

So this gorgeous dress is from Jack wills, I’ve had it a little while but they have a very similar version in red here

I love the collar, I’m a huge lover of crisp shirts and big collars so this appealed to me instantly. Its so cute too as has cute cut out detail all over it.

It’s lovely and lightweight meaning you don’t start overheating and producing not so glam sweat patches everywhere!

As with everything Jack Wills, I paid more than I should have but I’ve worn it stacks so it was worth it in the end, I think it was about £45..ish…give or take a little!

Let me know what you think and if you’d like more outfit posts!!



DSC_0283    DSC_0285

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