26 signs you’re now…


**I don’t know about you…but I’m feeling 22 26!!!!**

I remember that song coming out, and I was 22…now I am the grand old age of 26 and not only is this song 4 years old – I know, take a minute to just process that! But everything has changed!! Ohhhh I should be sponsored by Taylor Swift!

The 26th June saw me turn 26, and I genuinely do feel older now… I think the below list sums up this part of my life perfectly!!!

1- Staying up late…by late I mean after 11pm. Why does it now feel like such a chore, by 10pm my bed is calling and my eyes are closing!!

2- It’s no longer okay if you don’t have your shit together!!!

3- You have no idea how you are doing financially compared to other people, but still insist on trying to work it out based on Instagram posts!

4- Wearing anything vaguely uncomfortable is now an absolute no go. Goodbye horrible flats that always give you blisters and shorts that are more like a belt that try and ride up your crotch!

5- You own kitchen items, no I don’t mean a wooden spoon. I mean coffee machines, food processors, cookery books!

6 – Going out for Halloween, New Years etc just Isn’t appealing! Send me my girls and a case of prosecco and I’m happy in my living room with my slippers on!

7 – When you do go out you have to really think about how much you want to drink, because it could effect how productive you are the next day

8 – Its official. You’ve reached the point where if someone think’s you’re younger than you are…IT’S A COMPLIMENT!!

9 – You suddenly realize you have no idea what you’re doing with your life, but you need to figure it out right now because YOU’RE CLOSER TO 30 THAN YOU ARE TO 20.

10 – Your parents probably owned a house and had a family by now….just saying!

11 -Losing weight has never been harder. Your metabolism went south with the first quarter of your life. *Sigh*

12 – You barely buy clothes anymore. What would you be buying them for anyway? Work? The gym? Because those are the only two places you go – I kid…I don’t even go to the gym much but positive mental attitude and all that!! Joggers and a comfy t shirt is all you need in life…Except when it comes to going out. You used to have a new outfit for every time you went out, but now you have the trustee black skinny jeans *thank you god* and one or two “going out” tops!!

13 – You have actual responsibilities now at work because you don’t just have a job, you have a career.

14 -You will not only realise which friends have no place in your life anymore, but you will be surprisingly comfortable with letting them go.

15 – ready meals have seriously lost their appeal. You couldn’t last 5 mins on the meals you used to eat as a student!

16 – Where sleep used to be a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing, now those full eight hours are absolutely vital in order for you to fully function as a human. An all-nighter?! Next joke!!!

17 – When your friends announce they’re pregnant, your first reaction is ‘congratulations’ instead of ‘oh shit, what are you going to do?’

18 – You will have lost touch with friends you used to think you’d always have in your life.

19 – Birthday or Christmas lists no longer exist but mum if you fancy paying for my new curtains or towels that would be amaze balls!

20 – You watch reality programs on C4 wondering how these people spend 25hours a week having beauty treatments and have the money to pay for it…I struggle to make time to wash my hair!

21 – Whatsap group chats with your friends often include how expensive petrol is now!

22 – You can’t remember the last time you lay on your belly on the floor to watch TV!

23 – Before going out you consider where you will be able to park and if thats the expensive car park that robbed you blind last time!

24 – General aches and pains are now a daily occurrence and yes the 2 attempts to get up off the sofa is an everyday thing!

25 – Ikea is now your disneyland, move over Minnie and Mickey..Hello Brimnes wardrobe!

26 – Debt goes from being a fairytale that can be repaid in a land far, far away. To actually being your very own daily reality show!!


9 thoughts on “26 signs you’re now…

  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday!!!

    I could add to that list, but then again I’ve got a few years on you yet – just wait until *gulp* you hit 30!!!

    Emma |

  2. I can totally relate to this right now. I turn 26 in December, but I’m at the stage where I actually forget how old I am!
    The other day I got ID’d in Sainsburys and someone in the queue behind me told me to take it as a compliment. *I’m not old yet, damn you!*
    Also, I have genuinely asked if I can travel to a friends house in my pajamas after 8pm… because it’s getting late and I might not have the energy to change again later…
    goodbye late nights!

    1. Oh i am clllllll about going to friends in my PJ’s – its that or go to bed fully clothed! haha!
      I refuse to admit i’m old but then when the facts are there its tough to avoid! enjoy the last few months of being mid twenties…then welcome to the nearly 30 club!! xxxx

  3. Love this post hun. So funny. I’m also 26 so I can pretty much relate to most of these points unfortunately. I feel your pain lol x

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