24K Gold with Bio Essence!

Hey Sweetie Pie’s!


So let’s have a chat about Gold. I’m not talking about jewellery, but instead Bio-Gold.


Everyone’s seen it on social media and if you haven’t, where have you been! Launched by Bio-essence, 24k Bio-Gold is the latest in skincare!

Aesthetically it’s gorgeous and it’s going to look good on any dressing table! Unsurprisingly with gold features but with a clean sharp finish.

The two product’s I’ve been lucky to enough to be sent to try are the Miracle Finisher and the Gold Water. First up, lets have a natter about gold water!

Now as I’ve mentioned 999999 times, I LOVE Garnier Micellar Water. It’s soft on my skin, doesn’t give me spots and seriously cleans my face. So when the gold water arrived I wasn’t really sure what to do with it or what to make of it! It’s essentially water with flecks of gold in it…obvious question….where’s the gold going to go??!!  Am I going to look like I’ve been gold leafed??!!



They instruct that you use it twice a day after your normal cleanser. Pour into your hands and apply evenly to face and neck then simply pat until fully absorbed. Easy huh!




So what’s it like I hear you ask! Well I wouldn’t call it water, it’s slightly more gel like. You need a really small amount, it goes A LONG way! When you first pat it in, it feels bit like a hand cream that would rub in – do NOT pretend that you don’t know what I mean, but once it settles it feels really nice on your skin. It’s definitely mattifying, I put it on before bed and normally by morning my skin is really oily and ready for a wash but it actually felt like I could just pop my make up straight on. The other thing I noticed which it doesn’t claim to do, is reduce redness. I have quite a lot of redness on my nose and also on my cheeks and it just wasn’t really here, it had noticeably settled down.

So is it going to make me look like Kimmy K I hear you ask…WELL, probably not but hey, it’s worth a go! It does however claim to do the following 6 things!

1 – Tighten enlarged pores, leaving fine and smooth skin.

2 – Improve skins elasticity to prevent sagging!

3 – Plumps up your skin to defy those pesky wrinkles and fine lines

4 – Regulates moisture and sebum balance, leaving your skin perfectly moisturised and matte

5 – Helps to energise your skin’s renewal leaving it looking youthful and healthy

6 – Leaves you with a natural glow!


Right so, million dollar question…would I buy this…I actually would. I’m glad I can continue with my skincare routine and then slot this in! It’s currently available to purchase in Superdrug and only £16.99 so it’s actually very reasonable too! You can purchase it here!  Superdrug is currently also offering buy one get one half price on the whole Bio Essence range ( you heard it here first!)

Have you tried Bio Essence yet? What are your faves in the range?

Keep your eyes peeled for my review of the Miracle’s coming soon!

Laters babycakes!


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